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News from Strengir

Dear friends and clients

The season has started and got off to a fine start. Our salmon rivers were opened for fishing at the turn of the month but one specific thing has overshadowed all else. Last weekend our friend Orri Vigfússon chairman of the NASF passed away following a difficult fight against cancer. Orri's work at saving wild salmon stocks date's back for years and years and he, along with his network of NASF directors and other friends and believers, has had such a huge amount of success that it is hard to believe. Yet there is a tremendous amount of work still to be done and we all hope that the heirs to the NASF will keep up the good work. Orri was a personal friend and our company Strengir, will do all it can to help as I suspect that most if not all other outfitters and fly fishermen in Iceland will also do. When such a huge character leaves the stage it often takes several others to fill the void left behind. RIP good friend Orri and we also offer our sincere condolences to his family.

So. Jökla, Hrúta and Breiðdalsá all started on the 1rst of July. All had successful starts to the season, eight landed on the first three shifts on Jökla, plus one caught by a trout fisherman on the last day of June far up the valley. Allt but one were mws's, big and silvery torpedoes. (Photo here at the top is big one taken on hitch in Jökla river this week.) Breiðdalsá had four on the first morning, all mws's, and Hrúta had four as well after a mere two hours. There were further catches on all three rivers over the following days and salmon spotted on most beats on all rivers. The start is a success and grilse arriving early give hope that their runs will be strong in 2017.

You may take note that Hrúta is fully booked but there are some very good looking openings on both Breiðdalsá and Jökla, plus on both we can combine salmon fishing with some outstanding brown trout and sea char fishing. Feel free to ask for further information on the matter.

Hope to hear from you soon, tight lines to all.

Throstur Ellidason

Angling Service Strengir

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112 Reykjavík

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