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Volcano petering out

Clear sky are back over Iceland againClear sky are back over Iceland again

A sort of Dejavu...right? A year on, another volcanic eruption and seemingly a looming danger of grounded flights. We hear there is some of the "same as last year" going on in the UK but up here we say: Cheer up. The weather forecasts are favorable, and above all, the eruption is on the vane. Our volcano specialists have told the foreign and local media, that while this explosion was far bigger than last years effort by Eyjafjallajökull, the typical Grimsvotn eruption is a lot of fireworks initially but a deflated balloon within a few days. And so it has progressed, news tell us that the eruption has shrunk and even stopped , the worst is over.
So in fact, visitors to Iceland need not be worried, there is no way we are looking at a repeat scenario from last years chaos.

One of our main rivers, Tungulaekur, was right in the middle of the huge ash fall on Iceland's south coast. The Minnivallaekur is further west and took a mild ash fall. Tungulækur had some anglers fishing from the Friday and they were entertaining themselves with some outstanding sea trout fishing on the Friday and Saturday. Great weather, great fishing, but upon awakening on Sunday something looked erm...wrong! It was pitch black outside whereas it should have been bright daylight and not only raining ash, but with a howling gale to go with it. The anglers were lucky to get back home to Reykjavík before the ring road was closed. However, the road is open again and the things are slowly getting back to normal.

So, we move on. The spring fishing was good on Minni and outstanding on Tungulaekur, despite very cold weather conditions. Now we see the salmon season on the horizon, also the dry fly season on Minni and as we now have Tungulaekur, the late season sea trout season is also of great interest to us. We are looking forward to it, our salmon rivers all had outstanding results last year and Minni is full of fish as well as Tungulaekur, were we are quite sure a record was set for the spring season. We are well booked for the season, but there are still a few remaining openings, so do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an e-mail.


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