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Merry Christmas

Season finished and booking started for 2015!

Hello anglers and friends,

The season in Iceland has now officially been compleated as the last rivers recently closed. All in all the season in Iceland will not go down in history as a good season. It was actually one of the worst for quite a while, very similar to the one we had in 2012.

Nice salmon from Breiðdalsá in late August.

Having said that, we are still not to unhappy with our rivers. Breiðdalsá finished with a score of 300 salmon which is about the same as in 2012 however caught over a shorter season on fewer rods than before. So there were more happy anglers at Breidda than in 2012. Actually Agust was pretty good, we were mostly let down by frequent floodwater in July due to heavy snowmelt. Jökla finished also with another 300 salmon which is little less than last season. Jökla is still underfished and still also very much being discovered. New beats far up the valley are showing great potential and the Jökla project is actually getting more thrilling as the sesons go by. Hrúta finished with 300 salmon as well, while somewhat under the rivers recent average, it is still far from being a bad season for only 3 rods allowed there. As in most of the Icelandic rivers, the grilse were scarce, so slightly fewer salmon had a far higher average weight and we had salmon on the Hrúta well in the excess of 20 pounds.

Now we can offer exciting new salmon fishing in Upper Jökla for 2015! Please ask for further details.

Trout and Char fishing on our rivers was top class. Our flagship, the Minnivallalækur, finished with a higher total than the year before which was a good season. Our foreign dry fly fishing clients were getting the best out of Minni and the fish were big as usual, none though bigger than several ten pounders this year.The Breiðdalsá and Jökla also had better trout and char totals this year than last. We would like to point out to our clients that we can set up brilliant trout fishing packages, with either way catered or self catering facilities. We have done quite a bit of this in recent seasons and the popularity is catching on.

It is not only salmon fishing we offer, great sea-run arctic char can be
caught as well in our rivers like this lovely char from Breiðdalsa river.

We have started booking for 2015 and it seems that Iceland is very much still super popular despite a blip in the salmon runs this year so early bookings are advisable. So please dont hesitate to contact and I shall do my best to work out the best possible fishing for you. I would also like to mentione that I will be in London 6-9 November and hope to meet then some of our friends and other anglers if they drop me a line before.

Kindest regards,

Þröstur Elliðason

Good fishing now after tricky start

Hello to all our friends. The news from Iceland is that the start of the salmon season has been tricky, due to regular bouts of extreme weather conditions and snowmelt, resulting in repeated flooding. Most rivers in the northern part of Iceland have had excellent runs of msw salmon while the grilse are running late. Also the grilse are mostly small these days. But the big msw fish are in fine conditions like above fish Markus from Germany is holding in the photo above from Breiðdalsa river.

In the photo above we can see lady with nice salmon from Jökla river in one of the many new pools which have been discovered there.

After slow July the run first days of August has been good in both Breiðdalsa and Jökla and double figures we can now see most days there. Best morning session was on 3. August with 12 fish caught in Breiðdalsa river then.Our lovely 3rod river Hrútafjarðarará has had fine July with nearly 100 fish so far and looks like fair season will be there if the conditions will be good in August.

So, we are now optimistic that the remain of the season will be good and we still have openings if you want to plan a dream trip to Iceland, then feel free to contact us.

Great value salmon fishing still possible!

Experience some of Iceland´s most stunning nature while chasing big strong salmon on rivier Breiðdalsá an Jökla! Enless of space, new fishing areas, full service or self catering lodgin. Also fine trout and char fishing.

Trout fishing started 1. April

Hello friends and clients

The spirng fishing in Iceland commenced on the 1rst of April as usual and this year anglers enjoyed far warmer weather conditions than can be considered the norm. Quite often sub zero tempertures and freezing rain or even snow greet anglers on the opening days. This time out it was quite the contrary, a calm breeze, plus eight degrees centigrade and most of the snow and ice gone following two gail force rainstorms during the week ahead of the big day.

While there is no gaurantee that the spring will continue like this, at least we are enjoying it while it lasts. Two of our rivers opened on April 1rst, the Minni and Tungulækur. The Minni is far inland so is often very difficult in the colder climate seasons. So this time the start was far better than usual, already some twenty brown trout have been landed, many of them big ones. The largest being a good 69 centimeter fish. The usual monsters have been sighted, fish easily in double figures, they are yet to be hooked and brought to the net. Last year more than ten browns of an estimated 10 to 20 pounds were hooked and landed in the river. No brown trout river in the country comes close to yielding so many so big.

Tungulækur has been up to its usual self, a group of French anglers landing around 400 sea trout in the first three and a half days. Many if them big ones indeed, the biggest being a few 78 to 80 cm specimens. Some of them actually being hooked on very small dry flies. Both the Minni and Tungulækur will be hot for nymph and dry fly fishing throughout the spring if there is no significant change in the weather.

Next up on our menu are the trout fisheries in Breiðdalsá and Jökla which start in May and at the start of June. There is so much snow still in the mountains in the east that we are pretty sure that there will be no low water problems in the region, and as the water level is so high in the holding dam at Kárahnjúkar, there will probably not be any muddy water spill during the season, which is great news for the Jökla fishery.

Please feel free to contact us for availabilities. There are some openings at good points of the season on most of our rivers. The fishing forecast is good, so is the conditions forecast. All is looking sweet and rosy. We are really looking forward to the remainder of the season.

Nice Brown trout from Minni last week.Nice Brown trout from Minni last week.

Stunning pools have been discovered in the new Jökla river like this one!Stunning pools have been discovered in the new Jökla river like this one!

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