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We will be in EWF Flyfishing show in Germany next week 18.-19. April

Strengir will offer special deal  on the NEW fishing in Upper Jökla!Strengir will offer special deal on the NEW fishing in Upper Jökla!

Strengir will offer special deal  on the NEW fishing in Upper Jökla!
Angling Service Strengir will be with at EWF Flyfishing show near Munchen and I look forward to meet there many of our friends and anglers that have visited us through the years. You find us in stand no. TOG 12 and  we will offer there special deal on our NEW Upper Jökla salmon fishing for only EUR 350 per rod per day with self-catering accommodation and guide service!

Further information about the show is in German text here below:

Strengir bei der 10. internationalen Erlebniswelt Fliegenfischen am 18. und 19. April 2015

Liebe Angler und Freunde von Angling Service Strengir,
in diesem Jahr werde ich wieder auf der Messe "Erlebniswelt Fliegenfischen - EWF" im Kloster Fürstenfeld vertreten sein.
Im Laufe dieser Woche versende ich eine neue Broschüre in deutscher Sprache an Angler und Freunde in Deutschland, der Schweiz und Österreich.
Ich würde mich sehr freuen, viele von Ihnen bei der EWF begrüßen und über das diesjährige Programm informieren zu dürfen.

Sie finden mich an Stand Nr. TOG 12.

Weiter möchte ich Sie darüber informieren, dass ich in diesem Jahr einen Vortrag mit dem Titel "Großartige Möglichkeiten zum Fliegenflischen in Island" über meine Gewässer halten werde.

Mit besten Grüßen

Throstur Ellidason

Opening of Trout Fishing Season

Hello clients and friends!

Following a long and rather difficult winter, the season of 2015 is finally upon us. Over the first two days it stayed dead winter, minus ten celcius, stiff northeastern winds, but then the degrees started to build up gradually. All in all we have had a cold, yet successful opening.

As usual the main focus in April is on the sea trout that are retreating from the rivers over the months of April and May. Very many of them are in amazing condition, especially following a cold winter as we have had this year. Most of the sea trout rivers are in the Southeast, close to the village of Kirkjubæjarklaustur. One of our rivers, the Tungulækur is not as suspect to frost as most of the others and it started with a bang despite the sub-zero tempertures. The first group landed 300 sea trout, the biggest ranging to a whooping 90 cm and very many being 60 cm-plus. As the wind died down at dusk, several were even taken by hitching small tubes! About 400 fish have now been caught totally on the first six days of the season and on 3-4 rods only!

But April does not only involve sea trout, several non migratory trout fisheries open up as well, one of them being one of our main flagships, the Minnivallalækur, with its worldwide reputation for huge brown trout. April the 1rst was a minor disaster though, as the people fishing the river encountered  double figure celcius statistics plus an icy northern wind. They spent most of the day in the hot tub at the lodge! However, the next day was fairly warmer, and the trout reminded everyone that they were indeed there. One angler landed three over the day, one of them a huge old brown, 78 cm. Lost another one of similar proportions. The next group did even better, had landed six and lost as many in one and a half days when we heard from them. So, Minni is back.

The salmon season is still a long way off and we are quietly optimistic despite last seasons shock downturn. Many of the vital signs tell us that we might well have a little faith in the returns this year.  Having said that, we still have openings in some of our major rivers, notably Breiðdalsá and Jökla. We could even put together a thrilling combo, fishing both of them in the same trip, as they are not that far apart. Actually very close to each other. Also, we can still put you up with the world class sea trout fishing of Tungulækur this year and the unique fishing for ice age browns in Minnivallalækur as well, also a great combo of both. You just have to contact us and we will make it happen

Hope to be off assistance planing your dream trip in 2015!

Throstur Ellidason



Strengir in Farlows next Tuesday 24th March!

Join me at Farlows on Tuesday 24th March 2015 from 11am to discuss the incredible Icelandic fishing on offer and taste some delicious smoked char and salmon from Iceland at the same time! It is not to late to book your dream trip to Iceland as there are a few remaining openings for the season. On the evening of 25 March I will also be at Flyfisher´s Club Winter Talk where good friend Adrian Latimer will talk about Icelandic fishing,he has been fishing in Iceland for about 20 years now including Strengir rivers as well as many others.
Strengir offer wide variety of Iceland fly fishing for salmon, sea trout or brown trout and not forget the hard fighting Arctic char at prices that will surprise you! Iceland is easy to travel to, and its quick or only with 3 hours flight to capital Reykjavik from London (only 2 hours from Glasgow!), English is widely spoken and both guiding and fishing are excellent.
Look forward to seeing friends and anglers in Farlows on Tuesday 24th and in Flyfishers Club following Wednesday evening.

Throstur Ellidason

For SALMON fishing Angling Service Strengir offer the following rivers:

Breiðdalsá, East Iceland: Beautiful valley, easy access, and with many multi sea winter fish caught each year and over 40kms of fishing for 6-8 rods there are every type of pool imaginable in Breiðdalsá and is a river that has to be seen to be believed. A great river that is well priced and it´s dramatic scenery is unsurpassed. Breiðdalsa Lodge is by many regarded as the finest full service fishing lodge in Iceland with a fantastic view across the Breiðdalur valley and to high jacket peaks of the surrounding mountains. Is an easy river and ideal for families and individuals alike, expert fishers and those looking to land their first Icelandic salmon. We still have prime week available 23rd - 30th July - but this will not be available for long so enquire ASAP!

Jökla, North East Iceland: Great value, spectacular & remote river system which consist of large Jökla river along with several smaller tributaries and there are certainly more pools to learn than can be achieved in one trip to this stunning new river system. There's a fish ladder built recently so the new Upper Jökla is coming in strong with a huge variety of fishing at prices lower than have been seen before in Icelandic salmon fishing! Dates from 20th July have good openings in both Jökla and Upper Jökla beats.

Combo Breiðdalsa & Jökla rivers: Ideal to combine a week fishing on both these rivers on the openings late July. Perhaps take around 3 days on each and make a changeover between lodges during lunchbreak since there's only 1.5 hours transfer between the rivers. Offers a fantastic variety of fishing at a reasonably price!

Hrútafjarðará, North West Iceland: One of the most sought rivers in Iceland and one slot is available at prime time for 4 days 6th - 10th August on this 3 rod river. Private river & lodge, ideal for small groups wanting to have river and lodge to themselves. Good size salmon, plus some sea-run Arctic char as well. The booking is often taken on self-catering basis with a guide only on the first day to get anglers started, but a full service option is also possible.

For TROUT fishing Angling Service Strengir offer the following rivers:
Minnivallalækur, South Iceland: The famous Minnivallalækur (“Minni”) river is full of trout in the 3-10 lb+ range with some fish even up to 15-20 lb! Nearly every year the biggest trout taken in any Icelandic river is caught in this gem and demand is high for the 4 rods allowed. Perfect for upstream dry and nymph fishing. Cosy lodge overlooks the Home-Pool and is normally self-catering, but a full service can be arranged. There are a few openings still to be found, such as the first days in July along with 2-3 days in late July as well, plus days after mid August. Ideal to combine with trout fishing in Breiðdalsá river and discover then the best of the country when traveling between the rivers seeing glaciers, glacier lagoon, waterfalls etc on the way.

Breiðdalsá, East Iceland: Not many know that this river holds a huge stock of brown trout and on the best days between 50-100 fish can be caught on 4-6 rods, including sea-run arctic char as well. A luxury first class lodge is also included for the trout anglers in the Breiðdalsá lodge along with the salmon fishermen, so no better accommodation is to be found for any trout angler in the country than here. Flexible openings from June to August can still be found. Please enquire.

Jökla, North East Iceland: As with the salmon stock, the number of brown trout, sea-run Arctic char and sea trout has been increasing in this river too. A fine lodge and great value either on self-catering basis or full service for 3-4 rods fishing for trout. Flexible openings in June until August.

Tungulækur, South East Iceland: By far the best sea trout river in the country coupled with an excellent lodge for full service or self-catering. Some say this 3-4 rod river has the best sea trout fishing in the world and up to 100 fish have been caught on the best days! We have access to some periods during prime time late summer and in autumn until 20th October when seasons closes for this spectacular fishing. Please enquire.

Plan your dream trip to Iceland!

Angling Service Strengir is not only offering fishing and hunting! As a fully licensed Tourist Office and having some of the finest accommodation in Iceland to offer in our fishing lodges, we do arrange trips of all kind around the year to discover the best of Iceland!  Ideal is to  go south and east main road 1 from capital Reykjavik towards our rivers in east Iceland and see claciers, clacier lagoon, waderfalls, geyser and much more on the way. Northern Lights are frequently seen also in that part of the country. Activity such as horse riding, Super jeep tours, hiking, sea-angling, and much more can be arranged and tailormade to your wishes. Please ask for further details.

But back to fishing! We do have on prime time in late July openings in both Breiddalsa and Jökla river, and ideal to make then combination fishing two rivers in the same week! Both are famous for large salmon and Arctic Char.

Our rivers Breiddalsa and Jökla are truly some of the most picturesque rivers in Iceland as can be seen for example here in Jökla. Our rivers Breiddalsa and Jökla are truly some of the most picturesque rivers in Iceland as can be seen for example here in Jökla.

And our Hrútafjardara river  is highly popular and can be difficult to find space in this charming little 3 rod river. But now are 4 days available in the period 6-10 August but sure not for long so early respond is advisable. Can be sold either as full service or self-catering.

 Opening day on Hrútafjarðará 1. July 2014, the first salmon to be caught that season. Took hitch tupe in one of the first cast in this pool. Opening day on Hrútafjarðará 1. July 2014, the first salmon to be caught that season. Took hitch tupe in one of the first cast in this pool.

Hope to be off assistance planing your dream trip in 2015!

Throstur Ellidason

Merry Christmas

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