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Hello clients and other friends

Hello clients and other friends

Following our outburst of Covid 19 things are fast getting back to normal. The pandemic hit us pretty hard but we tackled it unlike most others and have, for a while now, been in full  control with few if any new infections. The authorities deemed it safe to open up our borders on the 15th of June. So Iceland is open. Every traveler will though be tested upon arrival and if anyone tests positive, it is a two week quarantine, if negative you are free to go crazy in Iceland.

Airline companies have started to fly up here, also of course our own Icelandair. Tourists are starting to feature again up here.

As for the fishing, the trout fishing this spring was mostly outstanding, although our Minnivallalækur (Minni) was a late arrival due to a very cold spring following an unusually cold winter which featured far more snowfields than usual. Above photo´s are from Minni which is having now good sport as we enter the summer and dry fly fishing is getting outstanding.

So, as we move into the salmon season, water levers are far healthier than last year. Most Icelandic rivers have opened up for fishing and the results have been better than we hoped for. Following a bad year for grilse last year, we expected a bad year for mws's this year. But we have been pleasantly surprised. There are quite a few big one's out there and grilse runs appear to be picking up like in our Hrútafjarðará river which has just started with some good fishing. The fish above was caught today and is around 20 lb from upper part of Hrúta!

Due to Covid - cancellations we do have some availabilities and as Iceland is now Covid - safe it might be a nice idea to make the trip up here after all. The openings are in Jökla and Breiðdalsá whichopen next week. You only need to contact us for further information..


We are doing well here in Iceland regarding the outbreak as seen in news following intensive testing, quarantine and good health care. The epidemic is expected to be finish soon and none or only few cases are found each day now.

And our trout rivers are even already open and fishing is going well for trout and arctic char by local anglers. In a photo here can be seen brown trout just landed in Minnvallalækur (Minni) river last week, nice fish of 60 cm, which this river is famous for, big brown trout.

Salmon rivers operated by Angling Service Strengir don´t open until July so still long time till then.We are optimistic on Icelandic side that travel will be back on track sooner than later and hope to see our friends and clients with many tight lines in the coming season! Nice salmon can be seen released here in Jökla river which we expect much off and can´t wait to open on 1 July!

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