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Good day in Breiðdalsá river

Hello clients and friends,

The salmon season has been underway for several weeks now and after slow start it seem´s to be getting much better in many salmon rivers. Including our Breiðdalsá river which had yesterday 9 salmon landed and five lost. And only 3 rods fishing in the morning but full 6 in the afternoon, still a good catch per per rod per day. And sizes up to 92 cm, many over 80 cm long and three grilse as well. Above we can see angler Anthony King with his monster fish from "Cliff Pool" yesterday morning, it dont get any better than this! Catches so far are more than double than same time last season so it looks much better for Breiðdalsá river now.

Severely cold spring and summer has been so far up north and east Iceland affecting the rivers, but hopefullu it will change soon. Jökla river has also some run of fish but we need the river to drop and wader temperatour to warm up to get it really going well there.

Hrútafjarðará is going well with good wader and about 60 salmon on only three rods so far for e first 17 days of the season.

Minnivallalækur has had a good season despite tough first weeks due to the super cold spring. With good conditions now in south Iceland the fishing is better than for many years and dry-fly fishing has been superb.

We can offer some very good sea-trout fishing in Tungulækur river at prime time in September and to 20 October, please enquiry.

It is never to late to book and dont hesitate to contact if you are considering Iceland as your next destination for fishing!

Throstur Ellidason
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