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Good salmon fishing

Iceland seems to have one of the best salmon season ever now and most rivers report good run of fish. Our rivers are no exception and so far about 400 fish have been caught in both Jökla and Hrútafjarðará rivers and season only half so long time till end September when they close. Breiddalsa river has also more fish but several floods following heavy rain on the east coast have made fishing some days difficult and about 200 fish have beeen caught so far.

Still possible to book you salmon trip to Iceland this great season since odd openings are still left in our rivers. Please enquiry and I will then do my best to plan the best possible fishing adventure.

Great video from Minni trout river

We have just seen one of the best video ever made from Minni trout river taken in last June from regular guests from Norway, Trond and Morten Bjerk. It is possible to see it if click here and show action on pool called „Viðarhólmi“ in the upper part of the river. Great stuff and really fun to see how to use drone make a huge difference.

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And the other front the salmon season is going much better than last year and our rivers are doing well with good run of good size fish. Still possible to come for last minute booking in odd periods and if you have time dont hesitate to contact us and hope we can work something out for August and September.



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