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Combination Fishing

This famous clacier lagoon is on  Route 1 on the way to our rivers in east Iceland!This famous clacier lagoon is on Route 1 on the way to our rivers in east Iceland!Travelling west-to-east, first stop is Minnivallalækur for trout fishing, then perhaps Tungulækur in the beautiful grey/green landscape dominated by lava outcrops and verdant meadows.

A two-hour drive along the foot of the massive Vatnajökull glacier, across black-sand flats, past the lagoon where icebergs are carved and float out to sea, and along the foot of breathtaking mountains. Then it is up and over the great mountain pass outside Hofn, and along into the eastern fjords and on to Breiðdalsá from there you can venture even further up north along the eastern fjords, finally taking in our most recent salmon adventure and the vast area of Jökla, one of Iceland’s most imposing glacial rivers, now turning blue due to the famous Kárahnjúkar hydro electric dam. In Jökla and her many tributaries, we have been doing some serious experimental fishing from 2007 and will continue this year, as we intend to put the river system on the map as a huge salmon and trout fishery with great potential in the years to come.

As you can see, an adventure is waiting to happen. A trip like this can be done for example by driving out to the rivers, then flying back to Reykjavik at the end of the tour. Please contact us for more information or simply send us your hopes and dreams regarding a holiday in Iceland and we will set up the perfect trip for you.  

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