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Playing nice fish in Tungulækur river, in background can be seen Iceland´s biggest clacier named „Vatnajökull“.Playing nice fish in Tungulækur river, in background can be seen Iceland´s biggest clacier named „Vatnajökull“.

This is a private fishery three hours’ drive from Reykjavik. Previously fished only by the owner and a few lucky guests, and for 2013 we have the availabilities that we need. This is without doubt the best sea-trout river in Iceland and one of the most productive sea trout rivers in the world. It fishes 3 to 4 rods and the average catch is over 1000 fish per season. In recent years over 100 of those have been midd summer salmon.  The 2012 season totalled  around1.000. It included good spring season and later, the sea trout runs were late, so the fishing was slow in late August and early September. But it picked up wickedly after that. There were very few salmon this year, instead guests had outstanding fun with dry flies for the numerous char that are also to be found in the watershed.

Tungulækur is renowned for producing large sea-trout of 10 to 20 lb every season and up to about 100 salmon at the best of times. The fishing is from the Falls Pool down to the junction with the much bigger glacial river, Skaftá. Although only a short stretch of river, it has a good variety of pools, plus the junction is a superb fishery.

There’s a great new lodge that has been built by the owner which has 5-7 bedrooms, single and double, and mostly en-suite. It is beautifully situated and from the sitting and dining room the view over the surrounding rolling countryside stretches to the famous Vatnajökull glacier on the northern horizon.

A visit to Tungulækur offers the same exclusivity in fishing and services as those of more distant locations. And fishing for these large Icelandic sea-trout doesn’t involve travelling to the ends of the earth! Also take note, that contary to Argentina, the sea trout and brown trout in Iceland are native.
Fishing is done with single handed rods although a double hander can come in handy when fishing the junction. Prime time for sea-trout are April, May, August, September and October. Please ask for further information.

General Information

  • 2012 catch: Around1.000 fish
  • Season: 1. April - 20. October
  • Rods: 3 - 4
  • Fishing times: 12 hours per day maximum
  • Fishing is fly only for sea-trout, + few salmon and char.
  • Price: From $800 per rod per day including ground transfer, guide service and accomododation and food.
  • Popular flies: Black Ghost, Dog Nobbler, Mickey Finn, The Dentist, Red Frances, Sunray Shadow.

Drive times: (approximatley) from Reykjavik 3 hours; from Breiddalsa 4 hours.

 Great sea-trout and on single hand rod! Great sea-trout and on single hand rod!


Angling Service Strengir

Smárarimi 30

112 Reykjavík

Phone: (354) 660 6890

Fax: 31 848679026