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About Strengi

Angling Service Strengir is a close knit family company that has specialized in a very friendly and personal style of management. We have been in operation now for 20 years, starting then with the Ranga river but have now build up excellent fishing in 5-6 other rivers which we offer. And we own some of the newest and most elegant and comfortable lodges in the country. Some of them may cater to guests all year as there are other pastimes than angling that merit looking into, such as shooting, ice fishing, Northern Lights, snowmobiling etc.







Veiðiþjónustan Strengir
Smárarimi 30
132 Reykjavík
Phone: (+354) 567 5204
Fax: 660 6890
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Angling Service Strengir

Smárarimi 30

112 Reykjavík

Phone: (354) 660 6890

Fax: 31 848679026