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The first salmon of the season in Breiðdalsá river on the opening day 1. July 2012The first salmon of the season in Breiðdalsá river on the opening day 1. July 2012

Breiðdalsá is our flagship operation. It is a beautiful medium-size river on the east coast, close to the small village of Breiðdalsvík. It is fished by 6 to 8 rods on the main salmon beats and clients stay at what is arguably one of the most beautiful fishing lodge in the country. 

Action on the tributary „Tinnudalsá“ riverAction on the tributary „Tinnudalsá“ riverOver the years a smolt releasing programme has been in operation on Breiðdalsá, but natural stock of the river has also been on the way up due to habitat improvement and increased spawning. And we have for the programme used mostly MSW salmon, pairing together big fish hoping that the MSW genes will dominate. It seems to be working as over the last few seasons the river has gained a reputation for producing large fish on a regular basis. The 2011 season saw several 20 lb+ fish landed, most of which were retained and used as broodstock. Last season 2012 was the same, the river sported one of the countries highest average weights or around 12 lb.

Recent seasons have seen an annual catch of salmon ranging from 700 to 1.400, plus several hundred brown trout and sea-run Arctic char. But in the 2012 season we saw a generally disapointing outcome for lack of grilse run all over the country and Breiðdalsá river was no exception. We had 464 salmon and mainly 2SW fish as well as some big 3SW, but very few grilse so the numbers are well down. Also lowest wader in living memory in July and August made matter worse but most of our guest still caught salmon and then of good size, so all things considered many left with smile on there face and have booked again for 2013 season.

Happy angler on the famous „Cliff Pool“ not far from the lodgeHappy angler on the famous „Cliff Pool“ not far from the lodgeHowever most of our guests don‘t just come to Breiðdalsá for the fishing. All this takes place in a valley of stunning beauty, which is hemmed in by lofty, craggy mountains. The river is very beautiful and versatile with different pools and characteristics so anglers need to adapt their style of fishing in almost every pool.We like to think the Breiðdalsá lodge has no peer in Iceland, so your really should come and see for yourself. Each rod has an en-suite room and access to the sauna and an outdoor hot tub with the most glorious view over the valley.


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