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The Lower Jökla


The Lower Jökla


The Jökla McNab: Arctic char, brown trout, salmon!

Some significant changes have been made for fishing the lower section of our fishing area. In previous seasons the Fögruhlíðarós estuary and the Fögurhlíðará river were fished as separate beats. From 2022 the Lower Jökla fishing will comprise the entire Fögruhlíðará river as well as the lower section of the Jökla, from below Skipalág (see map),  including the productive Kaldárós junction pool.

This is a very exciting option giving anglers fantastic char fishing, with trout and a good chance of a salmon, all at a reasonable price. Throughout the season the lower reaches of Jökla sees a good run of salmon - they all have to pass through the lower pools! However, much of this part of the river has been lightly fished for salmon in the past, so there are still new areas yet to be discovered! The junction pool Kaldárós is also included in this beat and it has often provided good fishing for both sea-char and salmon that are waiting to enter Kaldá tributary. There is one guide to look after the  group of these rods.

Accommodation will be available at Hálsakot Lodge in a new accommodation facility that will be built in the spring. Prices for accommodation, with or without food, will be reasonable and either on a room-sharing basis or single occupancy. Our overseas guests will eat in the main lodge.

The area is ideal for smaller groups as all rods are sold together as a package. This new beat is very diverse and there is something for everyone within the vast fishing area.

Fögruhlíðará has Arctic char and sea trout fresh off the tide in the tidal pools, and brown trout and salmon in the main river higher up.

Lower  Jökla has large sea-run char or salmon in its many pools and salmon, char and trout can be found in the exciting junction pool with the Kaldá . The fishing season is from 1 June to 20 August.


For clients fishing the Lower Jökla beat there is a new lodge that has 3 twin-rooms and one shared bathroom (room sharing is required if more than three rods are fishing). The accommodation is located in and extension to the Hálsakot lodge on the banks of the Kaldá.  Guests use the main lodge for its facilities and for meals.

The main lodge has a heated wading storage, an operating room with a freezer, a great sitting and dining room with a fireplace, a kitchen with all the necessary appliances and a terrace area to relax on during the midday break or during good weather!

Fishing beat: Fögruhlíðará and Jökla from below Skipalág.

Season: June 1 to August 20.

Daily fishing time: Fishing is from 07:00 to13:00 hrs and 15:00 to 21:00 hrs. Times are flexible for the Fögruhlíðarós estuary, depending on the tide times.

Number of rods: Max 4.

Fishing rules: Fly fishing only. There is no limit for brown trout, but sea-char over 45 cm must be released. It is also obligatory to release salmon 70 cm and larger, but it is permitted to retain one salmon per rod, per day below that size and practice catch-and-release thereafter.

Popular flies: Pink and Blue, Dog Nobbler, Red Frances, Krafla, Black Ghost.




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